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4th Education Experts Conference March 5-6 2018
  • 8:00: Registration and Morning Coffee

  • 9:00: Chairpersons Introduction and Welcome Notes

    Ian Jones, Vice President, GEMS Education

  • 9:10: Opening Keynote Speech: Opening Keynote Speech: The Bond: Qualifications Frameworks & The GHI Model of Education: QFEMIRATES as a Model

    • Importance of Integrated Qualifications Frameworks
    • Impact of the bond between general education, higher education and the industry
    • UAE youth and the labour market
    • QFEmirates role in tightening the “Bond” between GE, HE and Industry

    Kamal Ben Selama, General Education Expert, National Qualifications Authority – UAE

  • 9:35: Panel Discussion: Special Education Inclusion

    Inclusion remains a controversial concept in education because it relates to educational and social values, as well as to our sense of individual worth.

    • Do we value all student equally?
    • How to differentiate mainstream, inclusion and full Inclusion.
    • Are there some children for whom “inclusion” is inappropriate?

    Moustafa Mahmoud, Head of Special Needs & Inclusion, Al Ittihad Private Schools
    Dalia Hesham, Head of Inclusion Section, Al Maaref Private School
    Kate McMillan, Head of Inclusion, Aldar Academies
    Melissa Skiles, Head of Inclusion, Dubai British School Jumeirah Park

  • 10:15: Wellbeing as School Policy Initiative

    Julian Williams, Principal, Springdales School Dubai
    Ashley Green, Well-being Coordinator, Jumeirah English Speaking School

  • 10:45: Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

    • Issues of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment in shaping our educational system.
    • Role of government in shaping accountability in the form of particular quantitative school outcomes, notions of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment

    Gemma Escott, Lead Specialist Assessment, Ministry of Education

  • 11:10 Morning Networking Break

  • 11:40 Panel Discussion: Effective Strategies in School Management: Techniques & Approaches

    • Enhancing School Evaluation Plans And School Improvement Plans

    Arshad Ashraf, Director of Education, BEAM
    Jeremy Williams, Head of School, Manor Hall International School
    Ian Jones, Vice President, GEMS Education
    Joy Naj Arraab, Director of School, New World American Private School
    Jake Madden, Head of School, Al Yasat Private School Abu Dhabi

  • 12:20 Closing the Attainment Gap for EAL Learners – A Whole School

    Magz Bray, ELL Teacher, Student Services Team Coordinator, School Leadership Team, GEMS World Academy

  • 12:40 Learning & Teaching with Online Interactive Textbooks

    • Both students and teachers have access to interactive textbooks that increase retention rates and engagement
    • Students can apply the theory by using a practice centre that also includes exam style questions – and they get feedback on their performance at any time!
    • Teachers can send reading & autocorrected questions assignments, and can track progress & performance of individual students and the whole class with statistics.

    Rafik Fellal – Interactive Education Specialist, Kognity

  • 1:00: Panel Discussion: Best Practice: Incorporating Innovative Tools in Teaching and Learning

    Evo Hannan, Spark Tank Coordinator, Dwight School Dubai
    George Stokes, Head of Learning Technology, Arbor School
    Christine Nasserghodsi, Head of Innovation Strategy, GEMS Education
    Omar Farooqui, CEO, Coded Minds
    Beatrix Henkel, Training Coordinator, Learning and Development Unit, Ministry of Education

  • 1:40: Lunch Break

  • 2:40 Roundtable Discussion/Workshop

    Roundtable 1:
    Implementing Technology into the Classroom
    Robin Kim, Assessment Development Unit, Ministry of Education

    Roundtable 2:
    How to achieve truly personalised learning for all student abilities

    • Using adaptive technology to create an accurate personalised learning path for every student
    • Managing personalised learning in a diverse classroom
    • Linking personalised learning to assessment data

    Derek Devine, International Business Development Manager, Edmentum International

    Roundtable 3:
    Five Key Functions for Principals
    Arshad Ashraf, Director of Education, BEAM

    Roundtable 4:
    Setting the Scene for STEAM
    Building a STEAM powered curriculum

    Roundtable 5:
    The Influence Of School Cognitive Abilities Assessment Data [CAT] On Developing The Learning Skills
    Moustafa Mahmoud, Head of Special Needs & Inclusion, Al Ittihad Private Schools

    Roundtable 6:
    The levels of (DOK)” Depth of Knowledge” of Arabic
    Ahmed Ansary, Head of Arabic , Collegiate American School


  • 4:00 End of Day 1

  • 8:00 Morning Coffee

  • 9:00 Chairperson’s Introduction & Recap of Day One

    Naveed Iqbal, Principal, International School of Creative Science – Nad Al Sheba
    Duration: 15 minutes

  • 9:05 Opening Keynote Speech: Leader In Me: Developing Leadership one child at a time

    Dr. Chassie Selouane, Director of Learning & Interim KG Principal, Rising School Dubai

  • 9:30 One App to Rule them All

    An action-packed session where educators will be given a live demonstration on how we use Apple Classroom (and other apps) on a daily basis to enhance learning, improve workflow and manage devices. Participants will engage in the session as students in order to see firsthand how workflow and productivity are enhanced.

    A lively presentation, with a many laughs along the way, we guarantee to have educators excited about using Apple Classroom and other featured applications.

    Noel Tuohy, Head of Year 5 and Class Teacher, Jumeirah English Speaking School – Arabian Ranches, Dubai
    Ciaran Kelly, Head of Computing, Jumeirah English Speaking School – Arabian Ranches, Dubai

  • 10:00: Panel Discussion: Recruiting, Preparing, and Retaining High Quality Teachers

    • Salaries and other compensation
    • Preparation and costs to entry
    • Hiring and personnel management
    • Induction and support for new teachers
    • Working conditions, including school leadership, professional collaboration and shared decision-making, accountability systems, and resources for teaching and learning.

    Nasreen Banu, Principal, Gulf Asian English School, Sharjah
    Leonard Murphy, Academic Vice Principal, Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge – ADEK

  • 10:40 Best Mechanisms to Promote the Integration of Technologies within our Schools

    Andy Turner, Head of Education Technology, ALDAR Academies

  • 11:05: Morning Networking Break

  • 11:35: Panel Discussion: Improving Math and Science Skills

    • Experiments and hands-on activities

    • Impact of class sizes and class time

    • Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study

  • 12:15: Optimum Preparedness for School Inspection

  • 12:35 Panel Discussion: Improving Arabic Teaching Standards: Assessment, Curriculum and Teaching & Learning

    MODERATOR: Nader Khattab, Head of Arabic, British Columbia Canadian School
    Ahmed Husein, Head of Arabic, Dubai British School
    Wasel Al Wafaee, Head of Arabic Department, Dunecrest International School
    Dr. Mohammad Salameh, Director of Arabic, Kings’ School Albarsha
    Omaima Shahwan, Head of Arabic, Bradenton Academy School

  • 1:15 Lunch Break

  • 2:15: Roundtable Session

    Roundtable 1:
    Driving Teaching ; Learning through Digital Strategies

    Roundtable 2:
    EQ vs IQ – What comes first in the learning?

    Roundtable 3:
    Exploring the Potential Impact and Benefits of Social Media and Gamification in Learning

    Roundtable 4:
    Teaching Islamic and Arabic with technology

    How to introduce the content as a flip classroom?

    How to differentiate the content using technology?

    How to evaluate learners’ progress using technology?

    Mohamad Moghazy, Arabic and Islamic Coordinator; Arabic B and Islamic B teacher, Collegiate American School


    Roundtable 5:
    Person Centered Planning for children with additional needs (SEN)
    Dr. Adrian Harrison, Psychologist , kids FIRST Medical Centre

  • 3:45 Closing Remarks and Afternoon Networking Break

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