Dr. Abdulla Al Karam, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director-General of KHDA, said, “The new framework aligns with strategic plans and initiatives aimed at making Dubai a fully cohesive and inclusive society as part of the Dubai Disability Strategy. Our aspiration to be a fully inclusive city by 2020 will be strengthened by the new guidelines that enable greater access and better provisioning for students who experience special educational needs and disabilities in Dubai.”

The framework applies to all education sectors across Dubai including early childhood services, special needs centres, as well as primary, secondary and higher education providers. It also empowers education providers, regulatory authorities and governing bodies in Dubai to closely monitor progress and compliance.

Dr. Al Karam further added, “When we improve the quality of inclusion, we improve education for all. This is a major step-forward in our aspiration to provide access to high-quality education for everyone in Dubai.”

The program will specifically give advice and share best practice in meeting the Inclusive Education Policy Framework:

  • Identification and Early Intervention
  • Admissions, Participation and Equity
  • Leadership and Accountability
  • Systems of Support for Inclusive Education
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting
  • Resourcing for Inclusive Education